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Guerriere Family Chiropractic encompasses a variety of modalities to help any individual obtain their true health potential. Our office offers Chiropractic by Michael Guerriere, DC PC., Massage Therapy by Mauricio Patino, and Family & Primary care by Dr. Kornblit.


  • Chiropractic by Michael Guerriere, DC PC

  • ​Massage Therapy by Mauricio Patino, LMT, CES, PES, CPS

  • Acupuncture by Lei Yang, L.Ac. F.M.D.

  • Family Practice & Primary Care by Dr. Arthur Kornblit & Patricia Kornblit, NP

We treat the body, mind, and spirit!


    As 4th baronet Sir John Lubbock famously said during the 1800s, "Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition, than on medicine." It was provocative at the time, but has endured to this day. Dr. Lei Yang takes this idea, and integrates Chinese holistic and functional medicine into his practice. The care he provides for his clients, who suffer from chronic conditions including pain, is not only a short-term quick fix, but also a long-lasting lifestyle change.

    Yang is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist and a Functional Medicine Provider. He graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine in 1986. He took advantage of his experience as a mixed training medical doctor to help numerous patients worldwide in the past 30 years, having treated over 30,000 patients.